February 2, 2013

NEW TRACK: Eyedress x Skint Eastwood - "Nobody" (Keith Sweat Cover)

The blogosphere is teeming with anonymous internet personalities re-imagining R&B and chillwave to a drugged state of mind, but nobody does it quite like Idris Vicuna, whose work evokes a vulnerable, out-of-body experience set to music. On the cover of Keith Sweat and Athena Cage's urban smash "Nobody," Eyedress recruits Skint Eastwood in reworking the '90s slow jam by his book, injecting a seductively minimalist production and hazy atmosphere suited for cold summer nights. The duo dispatched the chorus to dissociate the song from the original's main hook, and it somehow works. Nuanced, quiet and sexy, that's what this cover is. Download it here.

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