February 7, 2013

NEW TRACK: Frills - "Dreamboy"

Such times when one’s heart yearns and aches for love, we transpose such desires into melodies that truly mirror what’s inside. Fired with unyielding passion and an effectual source of inspiration, something can be reborn out of anguish and turned into a work of art.

In this case, fashion stylist and 1/2 of Grrrl Scout Manila, Candy Gamos a.k.a FRILLS, dropped her debut single ‘Dreamboy’, produced by Ernest Aguila (of Ernville). This maiden track buoys into desires, sentiments, and forlorn feelings. It opens with a nagging piano, looped throughout the rest of the song, progresses to a steady thump of electronic drums, clipped samples, and finally breaks out into a cascade of brooding and lilting synths. Gamos’ vocals are layered with nymph-like echoes, amplifying each word of plea, and carried into the wind, hoping to break into someone’s subconscious. Download it here.
via Mary Christine Galang

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