February 21, 2013

NEW TRACK: H-Beat Feat. Pow Chavez - "Take It Easy"

Hiphop today is seemingly filled to its capacity with young hotshots rapping about having a lot of money, spending it on expensive cars, houses, and women, and having a lot of money. It’s hard to see that hiphop was actually born out of a grinding state of poverty, prejudice, and lack. Gone are the days of Tupac, Biggie, and A Tribe Called Quest – it’s now all about Lil’ Wayne, Wiz Khalifa and a guy named Kanye West.

In the Philippines, however, hiphop can still be considered the soundtrack of the struggle because, well, most of us are still struggling. H-beat’s new track, "Take it Easy" is a message to those of us still grinding our way to the top, telling us to take it slowly and patiently. Mashed up with Pow Chavez’ R&B accents and a classic-sounding beat, the track actually helps you relax and put things into perspective. Hit this link and check it out. via Joey Gutierrez


  1. Why did you guys delete my comment? Don't you want feedback?

  2. This is such a poorly written write-up. Please have someone who actually listens to hip-hop write about hip-hop... Sheesh.



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