February 16, 2013

NEW TRACK: Hannah+Gabi - "In The Lost And Found"

It can be a gargantuan task to cover an artist as iconic and celebrated, even in his death, like Elliott Smith is. But if there is any local artist out there that can accomplish this with such ease, it is Ciudad's frontman Mikey Amistoso--that comforting voice behind the one-man lullabye machine Hannah+Gabi.

It doesn't just require you the musical gift to sing in that distinct Smith tone – hushed, mellow and in control of the voice. But perhaps what it demands more is the emotional commitment to the song and the story behind it in order to capture it all in a capsule of a three-minute track. Hannah+Gabi's take on Elliott Smith’s "In The Lost And Found" is a faithful rendition to the original. Perhaps Amistoso recognizes the fact that the strength and silent beauty of the song lies in its simplicity. Why fix it if it ain't broke anyway? With the bipolar mixture of an upbeat, child-like piano tune and painful, piercing lyrics, Amistoso presents us with a polished track that managed to effortlessly bottle the Elliott Smith spirit. via Weng Cahiles

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