February 1, 2013

NEW TRACK: Mad Love Misery - "All Things Come In Time"

Mad Love Misery doesn’t have any information in neither their Facebook nor Bandcamp page as to how their music can be described. But if we take their new single “All Things Come In Time” as a yardstick to what genre or label they want attached to the band, then we should start looking for positive synonyms.

The opening combo of guitar riffs and drum beats is reminiscent of a stripped down 90’s alternative song, think Everclear or Semisonic. Followed by scruffy yet assuring vocals, the track carries that vibe of an authentic alternative rock song lost in a scene that is currently big on lo-fi, twee songs. The song has this certain grittiness to it, as characterized by its jagged and powerful guitar sounds. The roughness to it coupled with the surprisingly heartfelt mellow lyrics adds to the pretty rawness of the track. This is what makes the song hit the right balance between two opposing poles, making it a great addition to the ‘songs to drive by on a Sunday morning’ playlist that you have on your iPods. “All Things Come In Time” is a song that echoes a progression of a hushed longing building up into a loud declaration of acceptance that most things in life are dependent on what time allows us to have. Much like what time has in store for this obviously talented band. Download it here. via Weng Cahiles


  1. Awesome song! Awesome band!

  2. Great song writing skills!!!



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