February 18, 2013

NEW TRACK: Pasta Groove Feat. Armi Millare x Nikki Cabado x Junji Lerma - "Habang Tumatagal, Lalong Tumitibay"

One of the many beautiful things about music is its ability to reflect the culture and time in which it was made, and intimate this to its listeners. You can hear the inner city struggle in hip-hop, for example, or the rebelliousness in rock and roll, or the drug-induced chill waves in chillwave. Seeing that we are such a rich tapestry of different cultures, it’s easy to understand why not a lot of contemporary artists have been able to capture that elusive Filipino sound with much success.

That’s why Pasta Groove’s new track, a remake of Wadab’s 70’s hit, "Habang Tumatagal, Lalong Tumitibay" is such a joy to hear. Through it you can feel the subtleties and nuances of being in the Philippines – and being Filipino. Pasta Groove on the MPC and bass channels the pulsating rhythm of inner Manila; Nikki Cabardo’s flowing keyboard line captures the warmth of our tropical shores; and Armi Millare’s romantic and graceful vocals are the voices of happy Filipinas keeping cool on the street. The reggae accents add an island flavor, something – surprisingly, given that we’re in the middle of the Pacific Ocean – we don’t hear often in our American-influenced music industry.

Knowing the song was composed in the seventies will probably make you ask yourself if there are still local artists that are capable of making music so representative of our culture. Listen to this rendition and put those doubts to rest. These artists don’t just know how to remake songs; with this sensual track they convince us that they can capture the ebb and flow of the Pinoy lifestyle with new and exciting skills and instruments.
via Joey Gutierrez

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