January 31, 2013

NEW TRACK: A Problem Like Maria - "When You're Sober"

A Problem Like Maria comes out with a contagious pop sensibility on her new track “When You’re Sober” off the recently released album Lagniappe (available for free download on Bandcamp). The song takes you back to the 90’s with its easy melody and cheerful female vocals.

“When You’re Sober” is the right mix of catchy melodies and quick, bright, and upbeat arrangements. APLM takes these ingredients and drops them all in the blender, making a sweet and fun song for everybody to enjoy; it’s simple, original, and full of energy. Behind the perky and lively exterior, though, the song reflects talented pop songwriting and real lyrical skill. It’s as poppy as pop music gets, but it’s pop done right. Not surprisingly, the rest of the album is just as well made, and just as fun to listen to. Plus, it presents different moods and more musical variety very worth listening to. It features some other great artists too – go ahead and hit that download link! via Joey Gutierrez

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