February 21, 2013

NEW TRACK: Rebelle Fleur - "Oh Karen"

Ask any rock fan out there familiar to Karen O, they’ll paint you an imagery of pure punk and character – twisted, colorful outfits, make-up that seemed to be put on in the dark, a figure of madness on stage. This, coupled with her outrageous antics (fitting a microphone into her mouth, moaning and yelping), is what set her apart from other female vocalists out there.

This is the figure that the band Rebelle Fleur tries to capture in their song aptly titled "Oh Karen." Highly reminiscent of an Arctic Monkeys’ vibe, mainly because of the British-sounding vocals, this tribute is full of allusion to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman. Relying on riffs that are instantly knowable and chomping bass lines, the track manages to have that vigor which makes it very easy to listen to. Though the song may not have that punk-hyena-chaotic vibe that Karen O is known for, its strength lies on the distinct vocals that are excellently fuzzed over the song’s grisly tone. The song exudes light and youthful appeal – imagine a British rock band composed of members 19-22 years old – singing about their adoration towards this unpinnable music figure. via Weng Cahiles

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