February 27, 2013

NEW TRACK: She's Only Sixteen - "Amygdala"

It’d be a travesty if history would only remember She’s Only Sixteen for its infectious debut single “Dying To Meet You”—a skinny-tied Britpop anthem that could easily be mistaken as the second coming of The Strokes or Arctic Monkeys. I mean, their previously released EP captured the band playing to their manic strength, keeping their energy level intact while exhibiting a kind of finesse that's pretty rare in most local rock records of recent years.

Thankfully, their new single “Amygdala” puts every shade of worry to rest. As expected, it’s a bouncy indie rock stomper that force-feeds its listeners with fist-pumping choruses and frantic energy. It has all the makings of a confident young band ready to headline arenas, with its main selling point relying on the rhythm section’s tight framework and off-kilter pop sensibility. Stream it below:

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