February 3, 2013

NEW TRACK: Similar Objects - "8bit4dawn"

For some of us, insomnia might be the perfect conductor to spark creativity, for some of the best ideas do come at night. However, not all of us are capable to weave a blanket of hazy, spaced out, and ear pleasing synths and textures. Similarobjects, clearly, is a master tailor, chronically synthesizing glowy beats that breathe irrepressible warmth against the chilly temperature.

His newest track, '8bit4dawn', is a complete ensemble of skewered beats, accentuated with 808 drums, and hints of chipmusic, which is commonly used in old-school video games - all put together against a dreamy backdrop tinged with infantile nostalgia. The track progresses towards the second half with sweet, dulcet tones that lassoed its captivating quality, softly hushing out all the white noise, and instead, lulls you into a deep, peaceful sleep. via Mary Christine Galang

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