February 25, 2013

NEW TRACK: Similar Objects - "TheyDream"

Emerging unscathed from the success of “Mimimomomumu”—a Mariah Carey-sampling, fractal-soul earworm that managed to gather 59,000 streaming views on Youtube in just 2 months of its release, Similar Objects returns to what he does best: exploring the nocturnal end of ‘90s R&B while weaving his way around a lightly syrupy, sensual production reminiscent of Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream. His new single “TheyDream” is a midnight jam drenched in smooth sex, with gorgeous soulful croon to back it up. Jorge’s vocals glide atop richly textured beats and intimate electronics, darting through comforting emotions of infatuation and sex, and everything in between.

It’s erotic and dreamlike, you’re almost in for a fantasy ride. Stream the track below:

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