February 19, 2013

NEW TRACK: Spazzkid - "Magical Oahu"

As much as critics dismiss chillwave as an artificial, low-budge update of 80s pop, a product of an aesthetic fad built around ambient laptop tricks and synthesizers, there’s something genuinely infectious and escapist about it that makes every listening journey a dip in the breezy, summer seas. Spazzkid, whose music lately has essentially conveyed the micro-genre’s bedroom-feel, that hazy, chilled out nostalgia that steps forward as dance music for the introverted, is a living proof that there’s room for innovation this side of chillwave.

His new track “Magic Oahu” indulges on summery, multi-faceted surfaces—barely recognizable lyric covered in reverb and ghosted echoes, a buffet of laid-back synths pouring in and out of a cascade, a vintage Nintendo breakdown somewhere in the middle, a woozy psych-pop beat, a subtle horn sample, and an earworm pop melody that drifts and sparkles like clear ocean waves. There’s so much going on in this track that perhaps more swiftly than expected, overwhelms every first time listeners. But with the right mix of skill and control, Spazzkid shifts effortlessly from one sonic element to another, pulling everything together in a lush chill-pop oasis that finds itself floating at your inner thoughts of a perfect summer vacation.

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