February 26, 2013

NEW TRACK: Spirit Ocean - "In The Afternoon"

Many of the finest indie pop records in recent years have stepped out of traditional C-86 jangle pop only to find sanctuary in the sketchy nature of electronic music and synths. Spirit Ocean, the bedroom project of Zeon Gomez and Nyssa Ebora, belongs to this pool of wistful synth-pop nostalgists channelling heartbreak and teenage infatuation with girly cuteness.

Their new track “In The Afternoon” is crafted with optimist spirit despite the sad, worn-out lyrics fuming all over. You can feel and breathe every element present: sunny, casio-toned synth chords that provide the song’s clear melodic anchor, whimsical melodies enough to carry this song to the end of the rainbow curvature, and Nyssa’s daydream-lite vocals—a relentless pursuit of beauty and innocence wrapped in Technicolor coating. It’s every inch pretty and melancholic, making music about having your heart ripped out while making it sound like they’re having fun. Stream it below and download it here.

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