February 9, 2013

NEW TRACK: Techy Romantics - "Electricity"

You have to work double time to sound this intimate and electric. Techy Romantics’ second single “Electricity” slightly veers away from the chilled, house-pop handicraft to accommodate a shift towards an electro-ballad direction.

It goes without saying that “Electricity” captures the optimum expressions of unrequited love, but rendered this time with a sense of utmost devotion and hope, keeping the emphasis firmly on Camille’s vocals—longing and melancholic, entirely consumed by the atmospheric coldness brought about by the guitars and beats. “Do you feel the longing in my heart? Can we bridge two worlds apart?” At the very last life of the song, Camille still faces the mirror and pleads for a second chance. She articulates these feelings in one irresistibly memorable package that makes dancing the most invigorating thing after a tough cry. Stream the track below:

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