February 11, 2013

NEW TRACK: Tradewinds Sailing Club - "The Saddest Goodbye"

Always one for compelling character sketches and melancholia, the husband-and-wife tandem of Dale Marquez and Connie Francis dares to come up with a breakup ode precariously caught between an unlikely marriage of rainy day sadness and vintage pop songwriting. “The Saddest Goodbye,” a track off their recently released Offshore EP, conveys wounded, pleasantly restrained music that sounds as if it’s wandering off to a lost road, about to lose its balance on a cliff. Connie’s worn-down delivery ala Hope Sandoval, one that shifts from hopeless pleading to a slow burst of remorse, is delightfully layered with sparse flashes of electric guitar shimmers and keyboards, strung together in an attempt to save whatever’s left of the relationship. Heartbreaks never sounded this beautiful and warm.

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