February 1, 2013

PINNED: Identikit

The loose punk energy and sweet noise of “Me and My Japanese Bike” made me miss those days when indie rock was all about fuzz and screech, that son-of-a-guitar-sound crashing on the monster chorus just as we’re about to keep our eyes closed and mosh like a first-time lottery winner. With their new single on repeat, Identikit perfectly brings us back to those happy summery times listening to Pixies, Slowdive and The Smashing Pumpkins, their music—tilting our fascination with guitar bands to a whole new nostalgic level—is catchy but loud, savaged and cutesy at equal turns—somewhat of a diversion from the million microtrends we hear in today’s Soundcloud-era bedroom indie. We’re glad that finally, we’ll get to hear what they’ve been toying around for two years as they’ll be launching their debut album, Out of the Floodways and into your Homes this Saturday at Escobar, Cubao X.

But first things first: we’re lucky enough to ask them questions regarding the process of recording their first album, the pressure that goes along with it and plans of writing more songs in the local vernacular. Hear them out, people:

1. Identikit has been around for 5 years and it’s only now that you guys decided to finally drop your debut full-length album. What took the release so long?

Darrel: Well it took us 2 years to record the album, since most of us were being busy and occupied with other things (day jobs, art careers, rakets, side projects and gigs) I think two years is good enough since there is no need for us to rush like as we always say na "kapag hinog na then pwede ng pitasin.”

Joe: We didn't really need to rush things. From the EP Saturday Morning Chemistry some of the songs on that album we have re-recorded to fill in for the full-length album. It sounded much better than the EP version.

2. Can you give us an idea of what to expect from your new album, Out of the Floodways and into your Homes?

Darrel: I'm very much happy of the outcome of the album since we're all able to pull off most of our ideas. It's a mix of 80's and 90's inspired music.

Joe: Daming heavy riffs on the album. Mostly, I only use an overdrive pedal, but on the studio—me and Ced Concepcion—we experimented with Siochi tube amps just to get that 'crunchy' feel.

3. Saturday Morning Chemistry was named best EP by QLE (Quark, Luis, Erwin) in 2010. Is there any pressure from your part to exceed the expectations of fans and music observers alike?

Darrel: Honestly, I didn’t expect for that award, the idea for releasing the EP is just to introduce our band to other people. That is why the EP is free. Yeah, part pressured and part inspired because most of our followers are also our friends.

I’m still clueless on what they’re supposed to expect, but we put a lot of effort in the album. I hope they appreciate it.

4. Are there any songs in the album written in the local vernacular ala “Peach?”

Darrel: Nope. Probably next album we'll try to make more Tagalog songs.

Joe: “Peach” is the only Tagalog song on the album. Haha!

5. Tell us something about your first single “Me and My Japanese Bike?” Are there plans of releasing the video soon?

Joe: Musically, the riffs were inspired by The Smashing Pumpkins (not really)—the analog delay pedal doing it's magic. The heavy riffs were a toss between Queens of Stone Age and Prong. Haha!

6. Who are your music heroes? Is there any intention of injecting bits and pieces of their music to your over-all creative decisions when it comes to making/writing songs?

Sandy: Anne Clarke and Thom Yorke.

Darrel: My Bloody Valentine, Joy Division, Metric, New Order.

Joe: Dave Knudson, Joe Pass, Marty Friedman and Weezer. On my part, if the riff fits then use it.

7. Any dream collaborations in the near future?

Sandy: Tarsius, Dayuhan

Darrel: Local would be Tarsius, Drip, Turbo Goth. Foreign--Sonic Youth, Kevin Shields, Weevil, and St. Vincent.

Joe: Johnny Alegre, Diego Mapa, Mayo Baluyut, and Spazzkid.

Identikit will be launching their debut album, Out of the Floodways and into your Homes this February 2, 2012 at Escobar in Cubao X. The event will also feature guest performances by Gaijin, Flying Ipis, Tether, Paranoid City and Lochness.

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