February 17, 2013

NEW TRACK: Skymarines - "Where You Really Are"

"Where You Really Are" carries on the dreamy, synth-laced direction Davao-based Skymarines strides upon. In essence, it's like listening to a spoken-word love letter or an ode being whispered on a lover's ear, with the lushness in vocalist Isa AƱiga's narrative only adding to the song's appeal. The singer has some good moments in the track that reveals her almost teardrop-inducing purity, at times even relying on an inimitable accent a la Tori Amos, that it will make you wonder if it was done to accommodate the rich yet irregular tonal patterns in the piece.

If you're new to this hypnagogic, ad hominem world of minimal dreampop, try not to get lulled into a comfortable coma when listening to "Where You Really Are." Just bask in the pleasant bliss it presents and let its thought-provoking melodies seep into your taste buds, albeit slowly.
via Klaris Chua

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