March 2, 2013

NEW TRACK: Arvie Bartolome - "Maze of Love and Ruin"

Yes, this is exactly the sound of a depressed man spending all his recovery years in a tightly locked studio, harnessing the textural infinity of the guitar sound and its impact on a song trapped in its own emotional vacuity. Arvie Bartolome emits this sense of mastery, one that speaks of experience and breadth. But he made it look like he's accidentally slipped into the dirty, psychedelia-droned territory, and when he trips, from one to another, it felt like we, listeners are pulled from the hiccups of his personal meltdowns and frustrations too, intriguingly dealing with it while we allow the swirling pool of distorted guitars get into our head and bleed. Interestingly, it feels great after a while, a form of release to some extent. “So goodbye then to a towed glum.. I just wander, all is fine," the experience, caught in words, radiates.

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