March 13, 2013

NEW TRACK: Cymo - "Escape"

Until now, Cymo were easily identified by their sugar-coated and melodic jazz-pop style, with a bit of Everything But The Girl and The Cardigans sprinkled on the sunny side. Although they’re fun and easy to listen to, which somehow allowed a hint of brightness to glow every single time they perform on stage, Cymo have always employed solid musicianship and clever arrangements in the way they make music no matter how pretty conventional it may sound.

“Escape” gives life to this claim. Its discernible hooks and charming lyrics are stuff of female-fronted 90s alt-rock, made even more strikingly crisp with introverted melancholy applied in the singing. Truth be told, you’d recognize hints of despair and longing beneath their upbeat, shiny pop surface, a conflicting mesh that weirdly enough, translates into a wistful mood quite applicable to their style. It’s this awkward, slightly sadsack prettiness that gives the song its unique push though, a quality that they might want to develop in their future songwriting sessions. Stream the track below:


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