March 18, 2013

NEW TRACK: Frills x Nick Lazaro - "SLT​/​DVSN"

Although Candy Gamos of Frills has only released two tracks so far, she seemed to be so generous to allow a random producer take a chameleon approach in brewing a particular sound for her to fit in, gobbling out and spitting sonic palettes that she’d wear proud, depending on the weather outside or the mood she’s into. On “Dreamboy,” Ernest Aguila makes the most of the icy stillness and yearning in Candy’s voice, employing chilled bedroom production with an equal pull of menace and sadness. It’s post-internet pop with brooding textures and tossed off vocals that sound hazily distant and cold, kind of like Aluna George finally ended up collaborating with Purity Ring.

Nicholas Lazaro on the other hand, takes exactly the opposite route on “SLT / DVSN.” The light synth-pop gloss sits right where Candy’s sparkly coo meets J-pop obsession. Nick throws puffy rainbow stickers and Kool-Aid confetti in the streets and wastes no time recruiting Candy to be the cheerleader of the pact, delivering bubbly, hands-in-the-air euphoria while hinting at an even more youthful vibe. Download the track here.

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