March 9, 2013

NEW TRACK: FXXXYBLNT - "Window Water Baby Moving"

For those attuned to the ever-changing trends of Manila indie scene, you’ll notice the sudden shift from guitar-based, twee-cooing bands to bedroom producers with inventive approach to sounds, sometimes connecting the detached lines between pop music and the experimental through a laptop. You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t immersed your ears to these new subgenres/micro-genres that have mushroomed from 2-5 years ago—chillwave, glo-fi, PBR&B, witchhouse, trap, seapunk, post-dubstep—all strained, electronic-based labels knobbed with a particular style or mood, all birth child of producer-based music.

FXXXYBLNT, the newest wunderkind in the emerging Filipino producer bloc, assumes his role with ethereal, slightly spooking approach, willing to make a statement in his uncompromising blend of post-R&B, bass music and chilled electronica. His debut single “Window Water Baby Moving” announces its own presence in such a laid-back fashion: blurry slice of vocal samples dripping over James Blake-meets-Timbaland warp-pop aesthetics, water-rippling sonics jumping in the air only to fizzle and fade, and some idiosyncratically unclassifiable moments that you’re not sure where in the vastness of celestial energies it sprang from. Only time can tell whether his stamp on producer-based music will keep him on the loop, but judging from the first single, this guy’s got some banging ideas that stretch the boundaries of electronic music in a 3-minute bump and grind. Download the track here.

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