March 10, 2013

NEW TRACK: The Gentle Isolation - "Sea Horses"

The Gentle Isolation (TGI) comes out with deft musical arrangement and massive appeal on their new release, a cover of Blueboy’s 1992 original "Sea Horses." The song that was written more than two decades ago gets a new breath of life from this promising pop-rock quartet.

You may not have ever seen the band’s name on promotions or in your favorite bars – they have had difficulty finding the time to play gigs and publicize themselves – but their recorded material, judging by this track at least, should be enough to tickle your fancy in the meantime. TGI’s cover of Blueboy’s single has an entirely different feel; you can hear the poise and hopeful energy injected into every note of the song.

That energy reveals itself through the sheer simplicity of the music. The guitarist plucks single repetitive notes throughout the track; the percussion and bass tracks are straightforward; and the vocals, bright as they are, are unassuming. Even the cover art is minimalist, featuring a blue watercolor boy (a subtle homage to the songwriters) against a stark white backdrop. Some listeners would understandably liken the band to Deerhoof without all the experimentation, or Barbie’s Cradle with less emoting. Amid that simplicity, however, lies the beauty of TGI’s style – it’s optimistic, catchy, pure, and vibrant.

The same can be said about their other recordings. Check out their studio material on Youtube or Bandcamp (free downloads!), and the volume of followers they have from around the world. That isn’t too surprising considering the quality of their tracks. This song in particular, we hope, is a message from the band to the listeners: “don’t cry, don’t sigh, there’s more to me than you think.” Keep it coming, TGI. Download the track here.
via Joey Gutierrez

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