March 24, 2013

NEW TRACK: Library Kids - "White Winter Hymnal" (Fleet Foxes Cover)

The sense of magic in The Library Kids’ version of Fleet Foxes’ “White Winter Hymnal” lies on how they managed to maintain the hushed simplicity and wistfulness of the original while stuffing air-tight vocal harmonies with guitar-keyboard pop. It definitely sounds like those summer balmy nights in the tropics, and even when they’re going the delicately minimalist route, their version aspires for greater altitude.

Ridge and Ifrit sang effortlessly, light and above breeze, unveiling genuine surprises and moments of both beauty and despair. And in this chemistry, we get to hear their blending coalesce so smoothly, it’s almost difficult not to get smitten by the song's graceful charm. Watch it below, fellas:

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