March 14, 2013

NEW TRACK: Mic - "Halfway Drunk"

If there’s one hiphop rookie we’re betting our money on this year, it would have to be emcee/producer Mic. Even on the hands-in-the-air urb anthem “Halfway Drunk,” he isn’t trying to be anyone’s concept of an idyllic Fliptop superstar or a well-versed coño rapper. He’s every strand unique and gifted, trying to bring back the prime years of early ‘90s hiphop with contemporary verve and restraint.

The production, which he helmed himself, shows his monumental affection for criminally smooth beats as shown in his previous demos, swathed of deep funky drums, vintage keys and uncanny samples. His flow, devoid of theatricality and rapid-fire cadence, remains incredibly polished and confident. It’s the kind of stuff you’d play all summer long, bursting forth with a hook that temporarily glues on your feet, everywhere you go. Stream it below:

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