March 19, 2013

NEW TRACK: The Ringmaster - "The Reference"

One of Francis Lorenzo’s well-known talents is his ability to weave romantic narratives with emotionally charged honesty. Every word that came out of his mouth paints scenes of warm details and touching vignettes, with the instrumentation perfectly shaping up into comforting intimacy that not even willful forces can break.

The Ringmaster’s new track “The Reference” picks up right where his previous material left off, marching on the same emotional threading with quiet, somber moments and open spaces. It starts off with a slow piano figure, then followed by sparse electronic beats and strings that build and sprawl into dramatic fireworks lighting up the sky with your heart on it. It’s a rewarding experience, really. With every swooning melodies and poetic wordsmithery, Francis makes sure that the emotional spectrum feels much spacious and expansive this time, plumbing emotional depths in the way you've never expected it to be.

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