March 5, 2013

NEW VIDEO: Ruby Ibarra - "Guess Who"

Ruby Ibarra’s Lost In Translation mixtape introduced a breakout hiphop talent sharpened by time and experience, determined to show the world that the genre isn’t all about style and swag, but also about maintaining a balance between substance and lyrical dexterity. From the feminist anthem “Guess Who” to the crowd favorite “Nonconceptual,” Ibarra proves to be an immensely intelligent, once-in-a-generation rapper that we’ve been hoping to crossover mainstream.

The latter, whose video is already out in the interwebs, brings back that wave of raw, living punch that comes from the pain and struggles of being a woman, a rallying cry that addresses the issue of relationship abuse and misogyny without being too abrasive about it. While Ibarra, as suggested by her recent interview with Yo! Radio, refuses to be boxed as a “female MC” because there’s no need to segregate rap from a whole bunch of micro-terms, she’s very much keen on inspiring young women out there to fight for what they believe in, and that they too, can get aboard in enacting change by starting with themselves. Watch the video below:

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