March 12, 2013

NEW TRACK: Shuriken - "325 (IQ Mix)"

Ferociously uninviting punk rock reclaimed with feminine confidence is what modern rock needs today. And Shuriken, with their grasp of confrontational attitude, hold some rare kind of grit and beer-soaked sexiness that’s long been missing in the scene these days.

Their new track “325” pretty much defines what they’re capable of, good or bad-- conjuring the torturous riot grrrl wail while also mining the noisier side of classic rock with every bit of emotionally naked femininity present within reach. There’s a primal urgency to it that’s purely inescapable all year round. You can hear modern rock riffs evolve clearly into blistering wall of proggy noise and directionless sonic assault, pile driving drum fills that sustain its energy before the instrumental kick, and of course, short but sweet—Valine Evangelista’s compelling vocal performance that would easily remind you of Corin Tucker in her Sleater-Kinney days. Even the staunchest pundits could find something arresting in Shuriken’s new jam, especially with how the band made good use of raw confidence that’s both rough and chaotic on edges.

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