March 7, 2013


Summer is finally here, so what better way to celebrate it than compiling dreamy, sun-drenched jams that could accompany you on beach parties and long highway drives, or for the most part—give you that sense of euphoric, livened up feeling to last a day of outdoor activities. The Filipino indie tunes featured in this mixtape, as carefully sequenced for feel and flow, are meant to be cherished in continuous play. They work better as soundtrack than mood-setters, each with a story to tell, a beat to dance, and a memory that lasts an entire summer. Grab it as keepsake of everything  that's fun this summer and blast this off, loudly while you walk at the beach on your own, without having to worry about anything around you.

Download the Mixtape HERE for free.

01 SpazzkidMagical Oahu
02 No RomeDance With Me
03 KaapiNEveryone’s The Same
04 CerumentricThere Goes The Floor
05 Plant A Tree Feat. Glaiza De CastroPNP4
06 Similar ObjectsTheyDream
07 IdentikitPeach
08 The JuliensCamp 2011
09 Bagetsafonik - Silverstar
10 Bee EyesDasma Girl
11 A Problem Like MariaWhen You’re Sober
12 The CharmesIt’s Your Heart I Don’t Trust
13 Spirit OceanIn The Afternoon
14 Skymarines Baby I’m Not Sure If This Is Love
15 Theories of SweetnessEuphosphor
16 Outcasts of the UniverseOpen Hearts (Absorbed and Disposed)
17 Conclave Melted
18 The Gentle Isolation Sea Horses
19 The SleepyheadsYin Yang Song
20 The Satellites Disco

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