March 17, 2013

NEW TRACK: Cut-Up Imagery - "Best Foot Forward"

It’s refreshing to hear Cut-up Imagery’s feathery brand of twee-pop set to ‘90s Eurodisco euphoria, recounting suburban melodrama with the night-time rush of cityscape beats and sweetly arpeggiated synth arrangements. You could easily feel the Saint Etienne spirit running through their blood as if it’s a living, breathing part of the band’s experience.

On their debut track “Best Foot Forward,” CUI builds on the foundation of this glimmering aesthetics. It makes for an invaluable addition to any music fan embracing the clubby, strobe-lit end of indie-pop—secretly wishing Kylie Minogue or Goldfrapp would listen to a Belle & Sebastian record and call it a day. As should be expected, the track coasts along a chilled cruising altitude, exploring the icy warmth of dreamscapes filled with yearning, melancholia and a little bit of dancing on the side. Download the track here.

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