April 27, 2013

20 Most Anticipated OPM Albums of 2013

Need something to look forward to this summer? Below, we’ve compiled 20 of the most anticipated OPM albums scheduled for 2013/early 2014 release. We’re planning to put up a calendar of local releases soon—EP or full-length, digital format or physical CDs, cassette tape or vinyl. But while the initiative is still on developmental stage, here’s a list that will keep every music enthusiast interested in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Child/ren of the Pilgrimage
Archaic; April 27, 2013

Summer, nostalgia, daydreaming—Child/ren of the Pilgrimage’s sonic stamp has created some of the most colorful moments in the local indie scene last year and just the thought of them releasing bunch of songs in the future, makes the giddy in me explode. And guess what? Tonight, Jep Cruz and friends will be parading their latest effort under Terno Recordings entitled Archaic, and will feature transcendent pop gems that feels in its own way beautiful and brave.

Don’t Bogart The Can...Man!
Due late 2013

The Strangeness’ indie pop alter-ego, Don’t Bogart The Can...Man! is on the process of picking the right songs for their still-untitled debut album to be released on the latter part of this year. “With Bogart, we started recording last year but we scrapped everything because we wanted to do everything by ourselves, at our own pace. Different circumstances lead to different (and hopefully better) outcomes,” Francis Cabal shares to this writer. We can’t wait for these guys to translate their sadcore shambles and yacht-rock sensibilities into recording, because based on the preview of “Fizzy Good Make Feel Nice” alone, you'd hint that these guys are up to something huge and special.


“Triphop is out,” and so Drip declared. With Beng Calma-Alcazaren and beathsmith Ian Magbanua's photos in the studio circulating on Instagram, we can’t help but gush around and get stoked, especially after learning that the duo decided to break away from the flighty, ethereal triphop vibe of their previous two albums in favor of a brand new sound.

Eyedress x Skint Eastwood
Hearing Colours (international re-release); TBD

Rumors have it that Idris Vicuna and XL Recordings, the iconic culprit behind the mainstream crossover success of indie acts Vampire Weekend, Adele, and The xx, are currently in talks of distributing the synth-pop nostalgist’s debut album, Hearing Colours. If plans push through, as confirmed by Eyedress himself, the re-release of his first international record will include 12 tracks —6 from Eyedress and 6 from Skint.

Farewell Fair Weather
Self-titled; May 8, 2013

As full-time students of UST Conservatory of Music, Farewell Fair Weather are pretty much a diversion from the classical music leanings that they continue to nurture at present time. Mic and gang channels an eclectic mix of R&B, post-rock, jazz, funk and blues, sometimes done in breathtakingly improvisational strut. Good news is that finally, we’ll be hearing their songs on recording, as they embark on releasing an all-original composition via Artiste Connect. If you want to help these kids to put up their debut album soon, feel free to click here.

Flying Ipis

Aside from their fun and feisty take on riot grrrl punk, what I’m most excited about Flying Ipis’ debut record is that Gaijan Production Squad—Raimund Marasigan, Jesse Grinter, and Shinji Tanaka—took up their producer role seriously on the fearless feminists’ new album. Few months ago, the trio of producers/sound lab experts served as instrument to Yen Constantino’s transformation from confessional pop-rock darling to a confident, classy alt star with a great material to take pride of.

KZ Tandingan
KZ Tandingan; May 2013

Her stellar rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “For Once In My Life” and Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love” at The X Factor Philippines live shows was definitely hard to ignore. And judging her television performances, KZ Tandingan could come off as a quirky, confident talent with a voice so brassy and soulful; it could cast a spell on you. The 21-year old Digos native is set to release her debut album under Star Records, and before you dismiss anything that has to do with her label, better think twice. In-house producer Jonathan Manalo told this writer that KZ’s team is cooking an all-original material for the young lass, making sure that it veers away from the formulaic Teleserye balladry that her contemporaries are known for.

Library Kids
Due August/September 2013

There were plenty of local Soundcloud demos to go around last year, but nothing sounds as beautifully rustic and warm as Library Kids’ live recording of “A Quiet Walk Outside”—a modern reimagining of Simon and Garfunkel that reeks of rich, pastoral melodies and gorgeous harmonies. It’s great to hear that the indie-folk duo is currently finishing new songs for their upcoming EP, which according to Ridge Tan himself, will be “comprised of 6 songs.”


It doesn’t seem fair to make a roundup of the most exciting releases of 2013 without mentioning Armi Millare’s solo venture. Yes, you heard it right: the Up Dharma Down muse will be unleashing her singer-songwriter shamanisms as the Koto-plucking, ambient-soul banshee, Munro. No dates have been confirmed yet as regards to her new record, but just recently, Armi debuted new songs from her upcoming project at the Toe Live In Manila concert.

Twin Flames, due May 2013

Outside Similar Objects, Jorge Wieneke has successfully displayed his urban chops with new solo project, Nouvul. Inspired by ‘90s New Jack Swing, R&B Slow Jams, and the current wave of PBR&B introduced by the likes of The Weeknd and How To Dress Well, Nouvul’s debut EP, Twin Flames is expected to drop sometime soon, featuring tracks such as the smooth-as-Frappe banger “Daydream Lady” and the Miki Hahn-assisted “VIP.”

The Purplechickens
Halang, due late 2013

Art-rock foursome The Purplechickens will be holed up in the studio real soon to finish their 3rd album, tentatively titled, Halang. Aldus Santos told Vandals that the entire album is being produced by Kakoy Legaspi, and will feature songs written in the local vernacular. The Manox frontman also cited Bobby Balingit and The Wuds as inspiration, and went on to divulge that the influence was more on the “subject matter and content,” and not the sound.

No Rome
Due May 2013

First introduced into the cyberspace with the earworm spinster “Dance With Me,” Rome Gomez is currently working on new songs for his debut album to be released this May. As of press time, the young glo-fi producer is involved on several projects under the Young Liquid Gang posse, collaborating with upcoming indie acts such as Spirit Ocean and Soul_brk.


We had too much post-rock music for the last two years that releasing another one in the similarly veined trope could get a beating from people who have gotten tired of the same old formula. Despite this, Terno Recordings is persistent as ever in building up post/math-rock darlings Pulso as one of the genre’s most promising acts, geared on supporting the release of their debut album to be released sometime this year.

Radioactive Sago Project

Hailed as one of the best OPM albums of the last decade, 2007’s Tangina mo! Ang Daming Nagugutom sa Mundo Fashionista ka pa rin showed Sago’s subversive, vaudevillian punk ambition at its most genre-defying mold, coming off more as an entertaining record that dares to poke fun at our capitalist excesses and greed rather than a spectacle of socio-political drama that leans on the preachy side. Toti Dalmacion hinted on his twitter account the possibility of RASP releasing their fourth album this year. It’s been 6 years, and despite the last album being a tough act to follow, we’re kinda sure that they’ll be doing yet another sweeping, all-embracing huge record set to break our expectations.

Slow Hello

Yeah, you heard it right. Slow Hello will soon be unfurling their charming indie-pop songs from its original lo-fi incarnations. Their debut album is almost finished, and will feature old favorites such as “Cold Turkey.”

Sheila and The Insects

Now signed to Lilystars Records, veteran post-punk act Sheila and The Insects have recently toured inside and outside the country to promote their first single “Pretty Loser.” No details have been circulated as of the moment regarding their upcoming releases, but we’re a hundred percent sure it’s gonna kick ass, the way their last album Flowerfish did, 8 years ago.

The Strange Creatures
Due December 2013

Every so often, stars align and a new band comes out from nowhere, releasing a stellar debut single that’s so relatable and goddamn good, the next thing you need to know is the exact date of when they’ll be releasing all the songs stored in the hidden treasure throve. If developments are to be considered, it looks like The Strange Creatures are right on track, busy on writing, practicing and recording the songs that will fill up their upcoming album. Jon Tamayo of TSC hinted that they’ll be releasing their debut album either December of this year or early next year, but we’re positive that they’ll finish everything on time.

The Strangeness
Due late 2013

“We're gunning for around 13 tracks, and going all-out alt-country this time around, less garage rock more roots music. We've already road-tested a few songs live,” Francis Cabal shares to Vandals in a recent chat. If new songs at gigs are to be considered, The Strangeness’ follow-up to the critically acclaimed EP, Jesus Camp might lean towards a more intimate Americana route with influences ranging from Johnny Cash to Uncle Tupelo.

May 10, 2013

This summer has had its share of promising debuts, and Womb is most likely one of those hotly anticipated bands slated to release their new album, Anesthesiac in a few weeks’ time. If you dig chillout, triphop, and downtempo electronica, then better mark your calendars as this trio from Cebu launches the goods this May 10!

With acclaimed R&B/pop producer Dan Gil on board, expect Uela Basco’s solo record to drop like a smooth, baby-making banger meant to soundtrack your lonely nights, whether you’re alone in your room or in the club. Early this year, the soul crooner teased us with “Love is What You Do”—a brand new track featuring Artstrong and Rye, inarguably two of the most exciting urban acts that we have now.

Yolanda Moon

While nothing has leaked yet from Yolanda Moon’s camp, we’re a hundred and one percent sure that their debut album under Toti Dalmacion’s Terno Recordings will rock and ripple the cosmopolitan tides soon, at least based from what I’ve heard of, from the early incarnation of their songs at their Soundcloud page. And mind you, songs like “Path,” “73” and “Small Talk” are enough to attest to their strength as a band, with their enchanting take on indie rock ready to explode and swivel at beautifully understated twists and turns.

We wanna hear which OPM Albums to be released this 2013 are you most excited about. Join our poll here.

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