April 11, 2013

NEW TRACK: Archaster - "I Love You More Than Summertime"

Archaster’s new track “I Love You More Than Summertime” can be likened to a warm embrace at the end of a long drive, filtered with ambrosial slow-mos for cinematic effect. It’s a love song dipped in summery sadcore downers, with its prominent guitar-and-keyboard melodies adding spectral weight to its romantic nostalgia theme.

But it isn’t all roses and sweets. Francis' words, fumed with bittersweet and aching tone despite the mesmeric romanticism pinned down on every word and phrase, occasionally leaves something to be sad of. Even at his most romantic, he makes it a point to inspire a pensive kind of melancholy, paired with a soft pastoral glow that shimmers as it cuts and bruises. Download the track here.

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