April 3, 2013

NEW TRACK: Autotelic - "Misteryoso"

It’s difficult to find anyone who doesn’t harbor some affection for Autotelic, especially with their brand of heart-swelling synth pop that sounds comfortably familiar and close to home. Sure, they borrow heavily from bands like Tears For Fears and Pet Shop Boys, but they make it sound every inch and smell, Pinoy—digging more into local sensibilities meant to mirror who they actually are as a person, and how proud they are it.

It’s that odd twist that makes their debut single “Misteryoso” so relatable and easy to love. Rather than sporting weird 80’s ‘do with a slight edge of post-punk rebellion, they reinterpret retro gloss with an earthy, emotional shine—mining truthfulness in the way they write songs, leaving us nothing but soaring choruses, ringing guitar riffs, pulsating basslines, synth wails and a story about a man smitten by a lady’s charm.

Here, the synth-and-electro blocks buildup engage in long and fleeting valleys, tooting out blasts of romantic shimmer that gesture towards that thing called “heavenly feeling.” But it’s the earnest lyrics that soar above everything else; its inherent simplicity says something about what love can offer even at its most basic, purest form.

via ndfy.me

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