April 5, 2013

NEW TRACK: Clarence Garcia - "Reset #2"

Clarence Garcia’s new track “Reset #1” was a stretch of atmospheric guitar work that builds up from nimble echoes, dramatic pedal  stomps, and then ends in the same way it began. However, he decided to start differently on his new track “Reset #2,” setting the mood with a booming bass march and delayed reverb effects. Its forcefulness amplifies by the second, sparing no hollow moment all throughout the track. Whereas the first one is comparable to the calm before the storm, this one is like a strong current of waves crashing relentlessly against rocky shores.

The riffs are compelling, bigger, and more ambitious than anything we’ve heard from Garcia, whether from his stint as tide/edit’s lead guitarist, or from working in his previous solo releases. It paces down at the middle, just enough for you to synchronize your own breathing to its rhythm. Then the tempo sprints again in one last climactic sweep.

The third part is currently in the works, and if there is anything that we can conclude from the first two, it is that the track promises no abatement of intensity, and if anything, makes us catch our breath more. via Mary Christine Galang

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