April 6, 2013

NEW TRACK: The Geeks - "Again"

Is that Ciudad? No, son, it’s not.

The Geeks, Jam Lorenzo’s debut bedroom project owes it so much to Mikey Amistoso’s scrubbed up twee-punk—lo-fi and sparse, emotions stored in the cabinet for days, and gets through with it in a solo garage set with 5-6 people watching. His new track “Again” finds him digging the softer, gentler vibe of early Ciudad releases, hauling down the attic for that one breakup song that comes in the form of laid-back, summer-strummy golly.

But really, it’s the sound and feel that matters. Jam sings comfortably on downers as he pleads, “you know I’d like to have you back.” And from there, the song reveals layers of diarist melancholy, moments that pull you closer and closer to where it’s heading to. And when you get to the center of it, the song’s charm never wanes. It only becomes more and more apparent, its artifice turned into something pure and meaningful.

via ndfy.me

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  1. shameless plug since I really don't gig so there's no other way to spread ze love:



    - Jam



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