April 15, 2013

NEW TRACK: ProcopioKillsAll - "His Doucheness"

ProcopioKillsAll’s new track “His Doucheness” straddles in between funeral doom and transgressive noise, making graveyard dance music for metalheads to bang their heads and crash into. It spews wasteland venom in no time, with its direction rolling around the industrial ring of fire, abrasive and about to burn everything it touches above ground. But there’s something about Brucher Owens Barbarian’s refreshing take on post-apocalyptic electronic music meets thrash hardcore chaos that transcends all Gravity Kills/Ministry/Skinny Puppy comparisons. His new single, despite being clouded by similar aesthetics, has few fresh ideas worth returning to, drilling a heavy sound through digitized vocals and grunt soundscapes without trying too hard.

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