April 18, 2013

NEW TRACK: Red-i Feat. Dott Seki - "Unreal"

Aesthetic-wise, Red-i and Dott Seki gravitates towards completely varying directions, with the former slithering in and out of dub’s layered soundscapes and the latter sculpting the stiff, glacial foundation of shoegaze music at a stoned pace. Imagine how weird, and at a certain degree, confrontational the end product would be, when these two artists collaborate and challenge each other’s competencies.

On “Unreal,” the two mines a murky, avant-garde space dub anthem out of swarming textures and synthetic sounds, providing the timely soundtrack to moments of loneliness and ethereal insanity. Dott sings, dazed and lost, hopeless of the future that will unfold. “The zombies are coming, run for your life,” he repeats in omen-like fashion, haunted even more by Red-I’s flurry of pulsing industrial brood and dub beats. Whether they’re watching too much George Romero or The Walking Dead is none of our business. At their most imaginative, Red-I and Dott Sekki teaches us a thing or two about the impending apocalypse. Better be prepared.

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