April 5, 2013

NEW TRACK: The Sleepyheads - "Feeling Called Love" (Wire Cover)

Pure garage goodness. At least this is how I would describe the Sleepyheads' take on Wire's "Feeling Called Love." The song perfectly sounds just like the band covering it: DIY, slighty criminal, new wave. The Sleepyheads were able to take the smug 1977 English post-punk classic into an embellished and refreshing saunter, ever so slightly veering away from the refined art of bootlicking the original. And perhaps this is what you'd normally expect from the Sleepyheads: a bit of raucousness and a cacophony of raw energy to garble the warm, fuzzy notions and feelings involving love. via Klaris Chua

The Sleepyheads' Wire tribute album, Three Boy​-​Rhumba is available for download here.

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