April 2, 2013

NEW TRACK: The Valiant Vermin - "Ethereal Moonrise"

The Young Liquid Gang invasion is officially in full swing this year. From No Rome’s clubby chill-pop debut to Spirit Ocean’s introverted twee, the collective has been releasing one fantastic internet jam after another—never stopping for a breather. Add their latest recruit, Bettina Campomanes a.k.a. The Valiant Vermin into the growing roster of independent-minded, forward-thinking bedroom acts that explore inspiration right across the coastal fringes of the beach.

As pop music gets softer, blurrier, and more washed out in places you’d never imagined, The Valiant Vermin drops another mood-transforming summer jam that makes retro ‘80s pop chic sound cool and trendy. But that’s not all: her new single “Ethereal Moonrise,” aside from benefitting from this wobbly aesthetic-- synth-pop melody, woozy electronic textures and vinyl crackle—shows her ability to write twisted lyrics completely at odds with the bouncy, euphoric high that her music brings. This time, she gets inside the head of an obsessed lover with homicidal thoughts, probably hurt and alone. Yet despite the dark central figure, her new single comes kicking in and sweeping all the sugar there is. Pumped Up Kicks rewritten in pure indie pop fashion? Probably more than that. Download the track here.

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