April 22, 2013

NEW VIDEO: Child/ren of the Pilgrimage - "Changes"

It’s not like Jep Cruz didn't have anything planned for the follow-up single to the summer-soaked ringer "Apostolic Dominique Fire," given the well-deserved praise it has earned upon its internet release last year. At the height of the band’s growing online buzz, Toti Dalmacion of Terno Recordings took notice of their effervescent take on nostalgia and pop music, and eventually offered them a record deal they couldn’t resist. The result, after numerous meetings and gig invites, is the debut album called Archaic—a brimming collection of hazy, laidback-as-afternoon music that felt like it was directly ripped from someone’s diary.

“Changes,” with its disarming simplicity and Banduria-backed strumming, fits the bill as the band’s new single off their upcoming Terno release. As usual, Jep’s pure songwriting talent and velvety approach towards songs captivate and breathe with so much color here, a proof that their songcraft remains intact and vibrant. While not as sweepingly affecting as “Apostolic Dominique Fire,” its lo-fi charm is something worth revisiting, winding around in circles while taking on heaps of gauze and indelible guitar-pop melodies. Watch the video below:

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