April 1, 2013

NEW VIDEO: Sandwich - "Back For More"

The long wait for a brand new Sandwich material is over. Raimund Marasigan and friends are definitely back with a new single called “Back For More,” dangling in our faces their ability to make catchy, sun-surfed rock anthems that reflect how good they sound, both on recording and live performance.

The first single from their 7th album Fat, Salt & Flame is so much fun and abrasive to listen to, delivering hook-laden pop with unapologetic brashness. Sure, it screeches and screams like a bubblegum spewed in a mosh pit, but it’s also the kind of song you won’t be surprised to hear on mainstream radio, pulling off a chart smash, perhaps in a few weeks’ time. Veteran music video director RA Rivera helms the black and white video of “Back For More,” copping a carefree performance shot in a gymnasium, with the band having a great time playing music and celebrating 15 years of gracious rock n’ roll legacy. Watch it here:

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