May 20, 2013

NEW TRACK: Against The Light x Skymarines - "Nighttime Mist"

In no less than a year, Davao-based electro-pop act, Skymarines have made a remarkable crossover from blog-pop pixie to accomplished internet star, a proof that the next wave of future big shots could be found lurking around Soundcloud, posting demos that might get a second chance on other viable platforms outside the internet. Recently, she collaborated with Cagayan De Oro’s electronic producer Against The Light on the track called “Nighttime Mist,” and as cold and haunting as the title suggests, both artists have embraced the midnight artifice of Chvrches’ dream-pop suave, lacing it with shimmering guitars that glide and soar above the ambient pulse.

But it’s Isa AƱiga’s lilting coos that pretty much gave the song its much-needed sunlight. She sings as if her voice is destined to be the world’s only centerpiece—beautiful, almost unreal, floating in wherever the gentle whirl takes it. John Uy of ATL on the other hand, holds everything together, without ever breaking. The beats and minimalist post-rock build he drops, never too empowering, are executed with just the right amount of finesse and subtlety. Download the track here.

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