May 20, 2013

NEW TRACK: Farewell Fair Weather - "Rough Skies"

It’s amazing how a young, collegiate band like Farewell Fair Weather have easily earned a deified place in the local gig circuitry, based on impassioned and remarkable live performances alone. Their dexterity in combining swooping pop-jazz musicality with contemporary soul fervor, one that emphasizes raw emotions and improvisational arrangements instead of clinical technique, is commanding to say the least. But wait ‘til Mic Manalo opens her mouth and starts captivating the audience with intimated sensuality and youthful charm that could only arrive with time.

On their new track “Rough Skies,” FFW have successfully translated the smooth jazz vibe of their live performances into recording, putting their own breezy intonations to the brew. Its silken groove moves freely from one accent to another, and in a matter of minutes, cocoons into a bright-eyed improvisational earworm that you wish won’t stop.

And with all due respect to a lot of jazz musicians out there, its’ pretty refreshing to listen to the rubbery basslines, earthy drum beats, funky guitar solos and warm keyboard tones that veer towards self-indulgence, and instead provide a one-of-a-kind sparkle that suits the velvet optimism of the song. And Mimic—what can I say? She has reasserted herself as one the most promising voices in the emerging local music. Her understated, keening voice is sophisticated in its own little way, and I love that she’s more in control than ever. via

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