May 8, 2013

NEW TRACK: Frank Ocean - "There Will Be Tears (James Ussher Remix)"

Here's the fact: remixing a Frank Ocean song, when done sloppily, is a heresy. He's the face of a music genre that thrives on the liberated junction of urbanized R&B and electronic music. But when done right, nobody will care whose song it is originally, it'll just be damn good that's going to stand on its own.

Which is the case on this remix.

James Ussher, the newest addition to the berth of Buwan Buwan Collective's artists, dotted the original with a more lavish approach. It opens with a sloshed tinker and wobbled hook, which is when you'll know this is a good song to listen to as an alternative to its more upbeat original. Layered with sparse synths and spurious glitches, it flourishes into a cathartic arrangement - just the right amount to make it the more affable, laid-back, and 'no tears' version. via Mary Christine Galang

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