May 13, 2013

NEW TRACK: Hana ACBD - "Stephen"

At a leisurely pace, Hana ACBD of Spirit Ocean toys around twee-pop experiments drowned in kitschy e-gimmicks. But when she hits the pleasure points, expect the teenage newcomer to exude a charismatic flair that allows the song to capture some emotional resonance even in its smallest details. Hana ACBD’s new single “Stephen” builds from the shimmering mood laid forth on Spirit Ocean’s best tracks, tucked with an infectious pop melody that got a little more color and style compared to her previous solo project releases.

Restrained dynamically, perhaps the most notable change in Hana is the warmth and breeze that she conveys when she sings around twinkly keyboards and synthesized horns. Her growing confidence both as singer-songwriter and producer is palpable, and on “Stephen,” you can hear her embracing artistic leaps forward, bolstered by her unique personality rustling through and through the song. Download it here.

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