May 25, 2013

NEW TRACK: Join The Club - "Balewalang Pag-ibig"

It’s too early to tell if Join The Club’s latest single “Balewalang Pag-ibig” would end up being a startling pop-rock masterpiece that would finally lay to rest whatever criticisms the band garnered in the past. But to be succinct and frank, they’ve managed to shed uncertainties hounding their previous material with washes of unflinching moodiness and ambition.

Bearing the bluest heartbreak ever confessed, “Balewalang Pag-ibig” feels like a product of diarist sentiments exposed in the most beautiful of ways. The banduria flourishes and introspective, lush arrangements exude timelessness that reverts back to the stylistic tendencies of John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band. But it’s the words behind the song, fleetingly alluring and captivating from start to finish, that holds everything together as it should be.

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