May 1, 2013

NEW TRACK: Luxe - "New Beginning" (Prod. by Conclave)

Luxe’s “New Beginning” sounds like a Charli XCX-Lykke Li mashup from last night’s bedroom rave party, with electronic producer Conclave providing a shadowy slice of midtempo banger swathed in dreamy synths, stray glitter beats and homespun digital arrangements. Despite the plethora of sonic allusions involved, Luxe’s debut track weaves through an optimist sentiment that’s just as infectious as the intimacy it sends to the listeners. Her vocal alone, without exerting too much dramatics and effort, strikes an emotional chord tailor-made for Conclave’s moody synth-pop motif: both of which have bigger picture for what post-internet pop sounds like, with eyes closed and ears dipped in headphone bliss.

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