May 23, 2013

NEW TRACK: No Rome Feat. Zeon - "Don't Let Go"

Deserting the effervescent club-pop spirit of “Dance With Me”—the internet crossover that landed him a spot on MTV Iggy and other Hypem blogs, No Rome recruits his brother-for-life Zeon Gomez on a retro-futurist banger rendered with unconventional sound choice and ambition. On “Don’t Let Go,” Rome has found himself locked up in the woozy downer of relationship troubles, meticulously crafting introverted dance music with his heart ripped on the paper shredder.

Exploring the fringes between experimental trappings and accessibility, Rome folds in a few more layers of Giorgio Moroder throb, heavy reverb, and droning psychedelic synths to evoke a pretty singular mix of yearning and hopelessness, but more than the stylistic overhauls that radiate in the background, the real highlight of this particular track is the songwriting, which for all its juvenilia, showed his vulnerable, emotional side.

“Time isn’t always a favor, a battle we all have to fight,” he intimates over a heavily filtered, chillwave groove that eventually slurs into washes of echoes and ambient drown. Things start to get interesting when Rome flaunts his emotions on the dancefloor with an enduring guise—drinks spilled on shirt, stomping wildly to the beat until the feeling momentarily wears out and haunts. Exploring this path might be a lucrative option, but leave it to Rome when it comes to leaving the audience wanting for more.

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