May 5, 2013

NEW TRACK: RH Xanders Feat. Raw Mf - "(Y)our Pain"

This year, it seems that immersing to the artier, more psychedelic-leaning brood has become the tall order in local hiphop—at least to some. Most of these adventurists snarl cosmic verses on top of blurry, minimalist beats and hazy flow, sometimes collaborating with eccentric producers whose idea of hiphop is far removed from the conventions and tricks of the more mainstream groupthink. Smoking on this referential joint is RH Xanders, whose star-in-the-making single “(y)our pain” felt like he gargled acid and spitted a washed out, stream-of-consciousness drift in the way he attacks his verses.

Equally compelling is Raw Mf, who displays a better grip to his abilities, sliding effortlessly from one beat to another. With skill and artistry displayed to striking effect, RH Xanders and Raw Mf prove that there’s more to blog-era rap than experimental fetishisms.

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