May 22, 2013

NEW TRACK: Spazzkid - "40 Winks" (Justin de Guzman Remix)

While Spazzkid’s “40 Winks” is a gorgeous bedroom anthem on its own, hiphop/electronica producer Justin de Guzman took the track from the far depths of the internet straight to the IDM vault, tossing the summery laid-back grooves around his own obscure constructions.

What draws me the most about Justin’s own take of the song is the transition, the slow build from unkempt electro-chill flourish to the last minute of gurgling, pulsing house thump. And somewhere midway in the clubland paradise, as JDG’s about to locate the climactic pleasures of the original, he loses it to the floor and pulls off his own idiosyncratic elements that had us salivating for more. Bring your homies and beat this track to the ground:

Justin De Guzman’s awesome take on “40 Winks” is part of Spazzkid’s Desire Remix album to be released soon. For more details visit his bandcamp page.

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