May 28, 2013

NEW TRACK: Unclemullet - "Deadbeat Delinquent"

Unclemullet never sounded pleasant. But at least, it’s something that they’re good at: floundering in the dusty garage to revive the days when rock music was all about dissonance and dense feedback, making the feral kind of early ‘90s noise that bleeds into the din and screeches right through your ears. All of these are buried in the chaotic stasis of “Deadbeat Delinquent,” a banging rust-smudged noise that has found a way to deliver sonic playfulness and recklessness, without resorting to sacrifice grit over candy-gloss crossover. It’s messy, paranoid and loud: in short—uneasy listening music that will make you start losing every frame of your brain. Literally. Play this at max volume if you have the guts:

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